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Join us as we explore the beautiful intersection of faith and media, where our commitment to integrity, compassion, and positive impact shines through in everything we do.

Meet the team

victoria-grace mohr

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Oversees and guides the content creation process but also plays a pivotal role in the overall management and strategic direction of the lifestyle company, shaping its editorial vision and ensuring it resonates with the brand's core values and audience.

dimo mohr

Finance Manager

Responsible for overseeing financial operations, budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring the financial health of an organization, managing and optimizing its financial resources

Ethel Kunz

Lifestyle Specialist -Travel & Culinary

Dedicated travel & culinary specialist and your ultimate guide to embarking on gastronomic journeys and exploring captivating destinations.

Anna Pearl

Luxury Lifestyle Specialist- Travel

From lavish resorts to private jets, our expert Anna embodies the essence of luxury. Drawing on her firsthand experiences in luxury travel to provide in-depth reviews and recommendations, helping readers make informed choices for their own journeys.

Julian Mohrmann

Contributing Lifestyle Editor

Resposible for curating and shaping content that resonates with our readers, whether it's about fashion, travel, culinary adventures, luxury living, or wellness. With an expert eye for trends and a finger on the pulse of the luxury lifestyle world, our Contributing Lifestyle Editor ensures that every piece exudes quality, style, and a touch of inspiration, enriching the lives of our readers and helping them embrace a more fulfilling way of life.

Erick Piot

Contributing and In-House Photographer

As a contribution photographer, Erick's role is storytelling which brings a unique perspective and artistic vision to our publications. He contributes his talent and creativity to capture captivating images that enhance and complement our content, whether it's fashion, travel, culinary adventures, luxury living, or more. Through his lens, he transports our readers to new worlds and experiences, adding a touch of magic to every story.

As a Fashion Editorial Photographer Erick is a visionary artist specializing in the world of high fashion and style. He's the creative force behind our fashion-focused content, working diligently to produce visually captivating and conceptually compelling images. With an acute eye for detail, composition, and style, he bring runway trends and fashion narratives to life, creating striking visuals that transport our readers into the heart of the fashion world; an indispensable part of our fashion editorial team.

Luxury Lifestyle specialist - for our furry litle friends

Generating and contributing high-quality articles, features, or blog posts that explore the world of luxurious pet care while providing insights, tips, and recommendations for readers who want to pamper their pets.


Meggen is a picturesque and affluent village located in the heart of Switzerland, near the shores of Lake Lucerne. Nestled in the canton of Lucerne, this charming community is known for its stunning natural beauty, with the lake on one side and lush hills and mountains on the other.